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Jeff Seung

Teachers Introduction to Coding Through games, you write code and play, and you get used to coding that’s still unfamiliar. Starting with this class, the class is held so that students can be interested in coding and enjoy learning coding.  게임을 통해, 코드를 쓰고 놀면서, 아직은 생소한 코딩에 익숙해지게 합니다. 이 수업을 시작으로 학생들이, 코딩에 … Read more

Web Development

Programs Web Development Web Development This course focuses on front-end web development. This is an introduction class for web development and the main goal is to create and deploy a static website.  Course Description While creating a simple portfolio, you will learn how to create structures with HTML tags, how to decorate web pages with … Read more

AP Computer Science A

Programs AP Computer Science A AP Computer Science A This course prepare for and ace the AP Computer Science exam. You will Learn the basics of the Java programming language and cover topics relevant to the AP Computer Science A course and exam. Course Description This course introduces software engineering, object-oriented programming, and design using … Read more

Automation with Python

Programs Automation with Python Automation with Python This course is for people who want to get up to speed writing small programs that do practical tasks as soon as possible. You’ll learn how to automate tedious tasks with Python. By the end of the class, you will not only be able to increase your productivity dramatically, … Read more

Data Science with Python

Programs Data Science with Python Data Science with Python This course equips students with the essential skills of a data scientist which include data collection, cleanup, transformation, analysis, and visualization. Students will write algorithms, tell data stories, and build statistical models using Python libraries. Course Description You’ll discover how Python enables you to import, clean, … Read more

Python Certification

Programs Python Certification Python Certification – PCEP™ This program is designed for those who wants to get certified by OpenEDG Python Institute. Python Certification course will boost your knowledge base, improve performance, and increase your professional trust.  Course Description This is the first course for Python Certification journey. PCEP™ – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer shows that … Read more

Introduction to Python

Programs Introduction to Python Introduction to Python This program is designed for those who are new to programming. This lecture is designed to make it easy for people who have no coding experience to learn Python through interesting examples. It will also help you improve your coding skills with abundant coding practices. This lecture is … Read more

Introduction to Coding

Programs Introduction to Coding Introduction to Coding With this course, students will embrace learning as they play and write code from the very start of their adventure, promoting active learning and a growth mindset.You will get used to coding that’s still unfamiliar. Starting with this class, the class is held so that students can be … Read more